Venice Encounters was a research project that aimed to analyze the 2018 Venice Biennale. The project included a series of happenings based on the “blind date”  format. Pairs of different curators and participants attending the Biennale Press Preview followed routes across the interiors and surroundings of the Giardini and Arsenale, engaging in critical but informal conversations that were registered and previewed at the Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice.

Organized by the Critical, Curatorial, and Conceptual Practices in Architecture Class of 2019.
Dates: May 24-27, 2018
Team leaders: Maria Alejandra Linares, Daqian Cao, Jane Chongsuwat, Amelyn Ng, and Paula Vilaplana.
Graphic Design: Paula Vilaplana
Photography and Video: Maria Alejandra Linares, Daqian Cao, Thuto Durkac-Somo
Participants: Gonzalo Herreros, Marina Otero, Ben Vickers, Andres Jaque, Ivan Lopez Munuera, Chutayaves Sinthuphan, Jawaher Al Sudairy, Irene Sunwoo, Agustin Schang, James Graham, Kate Orff, Manuel Shvartzberg, Bika Rebek, Liam Young, Simone Niquille, Mark Wasiuta, Beatriz Colomina, and Mark Wigley.